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When the time comes we all have to say farewell to our pets. The last decision we have to make for them is how to lay them to rest. Many people choose to bury their pets at home but this is not always an option.

Cremation is the alternative to burial. There are three very professional and reputable pet cremation services available, Furever Friends based in Marlborough, Fond Farewells based in Christchurch and Pets Ever After based in Nelson. All three services guarantee that your pet will be cremated individually so that their personal ashes can be returned to you. You have the choice of ashes being returned in a simple cardboard box or in an ornate wooden urn upon which you can have an inscription. We can arrange to have your pet couriered to Christchurch or Nelson and arrange for the return of the ashes.

For more information see:

Furever Friends in Marlborough - www.fureverfriendsmarlborough.com

Fond Farewells in Christchurch - www.fondfarewells.co.nz

Pets Ever After in Nelson - www. petcremationsnelson.co.nz