Our Large Animal Team is growing!

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The large animal Vet Marlborough team, left to right: Heath Dickson, Trish Lipyeat,
Keira Reynolds, Mary Bowron, Sarah Hart, Maree Jones.

The team at Vet Marlborough is growing; adding to the long list of expertise this practice is known for. With its focus on improving your farming business, Vet Marlborough is the only locally-owned-and-operated large animal vet clinic in the Marlborough region.

The team continues to grow and this year, staff are thrilled to welcome new members Sarah Hart and Kiera Reynolds.

Sarah brings with her a wealth of knowledge and an interest in all things dairy- mastitis, reproduction, lameness, rearing young stock- she enjoys it all. Originally a Tasman local, Sarah is back on home ground after working as a mixed animal veterinarian in the King Country for the past seven years.

New graduate Kieira Reynolds joined the team early this year. She continues to grow into the mixed practice role at Vet Marlborough and is already well respected by the existing client base. Kieira has a special interest in equine, and is extremely passionate and learning very quickly.

Along with Kiera and Sarah, are the rest of the rural vet team, Heath, Mary, Trish and Maree.

Rural business manager Heath Dickson has been with the company for five years and brings with him extensive product knowledge.

Mary Bowron, a large animal guru has been with the team for 15 years and has advanced knowledge in parasite management, sheep and beef farming systems and working dogs. She is also a successful farmer in the Kenepuru Sounds.

Trish Lipyeat, who’s been with the company for 13 years, has a wealth of knowledge across all fields- equine, dairy and sheep and beef systems, as well as experience with a myriad of other species.

Rural service coordinator Maree Jones is a qualified nurse with an interest in working dogs. She has very good product knowledge and coordinates all large animal bookings within the clinic efficiently and effectively. She’s been with the company for 14 years.

Because we have a wide range of interests and knowledge across our team, we are able to work together to provide the best advice. When your livelihood depends on the health and profitability of your animals, you need a highly-skilled team of qualified vets with up-to-date knowledge and expertise. Give the team a Vet Marlborough a call, we would love to work along side you and your farming business.