Puppy Preschool

A new puppy in the family is an exciting event, there are sure to be moments of joy and moments when you may wonder what you’ve got yourself into! The Vet Centre's puppy preschool classes are the perfect way to start a long and happy relationship with your dog.
Puppy_preschool_vet_centre.jpgClasses are designed to provide early socialisation and training for puppies between the ages of eight and sixteen weeks. Each four-week course runs for one hour on a Tuesday evening. Your puppy will gain vital socialization skills while you learn more about basic obedience training. You’ll also have the opportunity to address common behavior concerns and learn about the healthcare and nutrition requirements of your puppy. Because classes fill quickly and numbers are limited, we recommend booking as early as possible.
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Also on our site is an article about Puppy Preschool with more information for you.