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It can be a worrying time when your pet needs to undergo a general anaesthetic. Here at The Vet Centre Marlborough, we have invested in the very best equipment, techniques and training to ensure your pet is receiving superior care and attention during anaesthesia.
Anaesthesia_Vet.jpgOur ‘Anaesthesia As Safe As Possible’ (ASAP) regime has been designed to optimize safety under anaesthesia and contribute to a smooth recovery. The regime includes the option of an in-house pre-anaesthetic blood test which can determine the function levels of vital organs.

We use a comprehensive range of monitoring equipment during anaesthesia including:
•   Apalert -An apalert continuously monitors the breathing patterns of anaesthetised patients and sounds an alert if there is any disruption to normal respiration.
•   Pulse oximeter- This non-invasive monitor measures the percentage of oxygen in the blood.
•   Blood pressure monitor- Using a Doppler ultrasonic cell, the movement of blood through bloods vessels can be detected and measured to monitor blood pressure during anaesthesia.