We have met rigorous standards defined by NZVA in all areas of Veterinary Medicine. 

How will you & your pet benefit?
The standards are designed to cover all areas that will ensure that you and your pet get consistently high quality treatment. 
The Vet Centre achieved BESTPRACTICE® accreditation in November 2000.  By choosing to use The Vet Centre, you’re assured of receiving the best possible standard of service and the best possible care for your pets.

The New Zealand Veterinary Association Practice Standards were established as a means for the veterinary profession to promote and maintain superior standards of professionalism and service.
As noted on the NZVA BESTPRACTICE® website, “The standards encourage the ongoing critical evaluation of the practice’s surgical, medical, diagnostic and nursing protocols in order to maintain a high level of excellence. There is a strong emphasis on compliance with current New Zealand legislation as it affects veterinary practices and NZVA policy.”
Of around 400 veterinary practices within New Zealand, there only 65 who have current accreditation. The Vet Centre is the only practice accredited in the Marlborough region.

Participating practices are required to meet every component that make up the BESTPRACTICE® standards. Once achieved, accreditation is maintained through an independent audit every two years.

Areas that are covered include:

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