Vet Marlborough – the clinic

The Vet Marlborough team believes in supporting each other so together, everyone is able to give the best of themselves at work and at home.

Yes – the professional standards are high – because quality care is important to everyone at the clinic – including our clients.

At Vet Marlborough you’ll be able to provide quality veterinary care in a fun, friendly and supportive environment.   You’ll also be treating the pets of clients who’ll respect your professionalism and advice.

The clinic is open seven days. Weekends and after-hours work are shared with another multi-vet practice, with separate large animal and companion animal rosters.

Vet Marlborough is a member of The Vet Company, a cooperative group of nine independent veterinary practices.   They leverage talent across the group by way of annual special interest group CVE (continued veterinary education) events, and networks for referral and advice.