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Companion Animal Services


At The Vet Centre Marlborough, we offer a complete range of medical and surgical treatments for your pets. We have invested in the latest technology and staff training and offer a number of advanced procedures and services  that are unavailable in many practices. We accept referrals from other practices.


Production Animals & Horses

Fast service. Expertise. 24/7 care. As a farmer, you need to trust that your livestock has access to each. With one full-time large animal vet as well as an experienced back-up team, The Vet Centre has you covered every hour, every day. From the Marlborough Sounds to the Clarence River, Molesworth Station to the Nelson lakes, our farm service encompasses a vast area with remote access made possible by our boat or plane service.

Equine Centre

Purpose built equine stocks located just a short distance from the Blenheim CBD



Please contact us either by email or phone if you require any information.