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Radiology Mark Wiseman(copy)
X-rays (radiographs) are one of the most commonly used diagnostic tools in both human and veterinary medicine. We have invested in a very powerful x-ray machine with advanced capacity and also a state of the art digital x-ray image processor.  Our radiology equipment is more advanced than that available in most clinics in New Zealand and we are able to provide excellent quality images of anything from the very largest dog right down to smallest bird, something that is not feasible with more standard radiology equipment.

Digital image processing offers huge advantages over the older technology of filmprocessing :-
• Excellent quality images every time.
• Much quicker image processing.
• Increased diagnostic accuracy due to the ability to enhance images and zoom in on regions of interest using software similar to photo editing.
• Safe storage of images with instant retrieval.
• Ability to email images to colleagues around the world and to copy images to Cd for pet owners to view at home.
xray pigeon(copy)(copy)The quality and speed of our system enhances our ability to make a rapid and accurate diagnosis.

Mark Wiseman has completed extra training in the field of veterinary radiology and brings a great deal of experience. He is often called upon for his valued opinion in difficult to diagnose radiology cases.