Pet Medical Insurance


•  Why should I Insure my pets?

Did you know that you can now take out medical insurance for your pets?

Were you aware that it can cost well over $1000 to have a fractured leg repaired and in complicated cases much more?

Far too often we still need to euthanase pets following road accidents as their owners cannot afford the required surgery. If your pet is unlucky enough to develop an ongoing health problem such as heart disease, diabetes, allergies, the veterinary costs over the lifetime of your pet can easily be in the thousands. It makes great sense to get your pets insured which gives you peace of mind.

At The Vet Centre we have leaflets for several pet insurance companies which offers a variety of different plans to suit your particular needs. Some companies even offer an absolutely 'no strings attached' FREE four-week trial cover period. If you would like to take advantage of this free offer we haves the forms for you to fill in at The Vet Centre.

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