What is socialisation?

Socialisation means 'to make fit for life in companionship with others'. The aim is to ensure that your puppy develops into a dog that is socially acceptable to yourself, your family, other humans and animals.

Why is it important for my puppy?

Every year many dogs are destroyed because they develop bad habits which their owners can't control. A lot of these problems are caused by a lack of socialisation as a young puppy.

Dogs brought up in a human environment often relate very well to human beings but have not been given the opportunity to learn canine social skills. In order to do this we must try to give our puppies the chance to mix with other dogs as they would in a pack.

When do I start socialising my puppy?

The most important period for socialising puppies is between 8 – 16 weeks of age. At this age it is important that you make every effort to take your puppy out to meet other puppies, adult dogs and also people of all ages, especially children. Make sure your puppy has commenced its vaccination programme before introducing it to other dogs and only introduce it to those that you know are healthy and vaccinated. It is also important to expose your pup to all kinds of environments, novel things and experiences, in a non-threatening way. This will make the puppy confident and enable it to cope with normal everyday things, including noises, smells, water, other animals, strangers and even vets.

What is Puppy Preschool?

Puppy preschool is a fun way to help you socialise your puppy, helping it to develop those social skills it will need for the rest of its life.

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