Nutrition- For Your Kitten

Why is nutrition important to my kitten?
We have all heard the expression 'you are what you eat' and this is never more true than in the young growing kitten. Proper development of the teeth, bones, internal organs etc relies upon supply of the correct balance of nutrients and hence depends greatly on the quality of the diet. Although it is possible to provide a balanced diet with home cooked ingredients, it is a lot more convenient to buy a good quality commercial food. Cats require a lot of protein in their diet but that protein must be of the right type or they are at risk of developing certain diseases. Avoid regular feeding of liver or raw fish.

What is AAFCO tested food?
At The Vet Centre we have chosen to stock what we consider to be the best available AAFCO tested, super premium cat foods, from manufacturers that we trust and respect (Hill’s Science Diet, Iams, and Eukanuba and  Royal Canin). The benefit to you is that you can have confidence that you are providing your friend with a truly optimum diet.

What type of food does my kitten need?
It is important that you choose the correct type of diet for the life stage of your cat. The top manufacturers provide a range of foods for cats with different needs. Kittens require more protein, energy and minerals than adult cats and it is important to feed them a suitable kitten food during the first year.

What happens after weaning?
Once they are weaned, kittens do not need to be provided with milk. In fact a small proportion of kittens can be intolerant of the lactose in cow’s milk and develop diarrhoea. If you wish to give your kitten milk it may be safer to provide a commercially prepared kitten milk which is low in lactose. Having said that, many cats happily drink cow's milk all of their lives with no problems.

Remember fresh water should be available at all times.

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