TLC Health Check

An annual health check is an important part of your pet's preventative health care programme.

Just like we need regular visits to the dentist, optician & GP, our pets need regular check-ups too with their vet to keep them in good health.

Think of your vet as your pet's interpreter, we know how to give your pet a through examination and look at areas that you can't. We can find out if they have a sore tooth, an ear infection, if they are developing glaucoma or growing a melanoma on their skin. Your vet will ask you questions during the examination about your pet's habits and behaviour that can also give us clues as to how well they are.

Unfortunately our special family members have a shorter life span than we do so one human year for us is equivalent to 5-7 cat or dog years for them. This means that in one year a lot can change in regards to the health of your pet, that's why we recommend annual TLC health check-ups. This way we will be able to pick up any health conditions early and then get them started on a treatment plan.

Depending on what vaccinations your pet requires their annual health check may or may not include a vaccination. You can also use the TLC health check as an opportunity to get them flea treated and wormed by your vet and talk about diet and any concerns you many have.