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Congratulations on welcoming a new kitten into your family. 
To help you give your kitten the best possible start to life, we have put together this KittyPaws Health Package. 
This package puts together all our best recommendations and offers you excellent value by covering all aspects of preventative medicine to ensure optimal health of your new kitten.
The package includes 3 consultations with our veterinarians. 
This gives the veterinarian the opportunity to get to know you and your kitten.  Each visit includes a full examination to ensure your kitten is growing well and has no health issues.  It also gives you the opportunity to discuss any problems or concerns you may have with your kitten’s behaviour such as interacting with other pets or children in the household or toileting indoors.

The package also includes the initial course of vaccinations against the potentially fatal diseases panleukopenia and feline AIDS (FIV)
In a recent survey of cats in Marlborough, we found that a staggering 12% of cats tested were FIV positive.  This disease is transmitted by cat fighting and hence any cat with outdoor access is at risk.  Protection is also provided against the most common causes of snuffles (or cat flu).  Vaccination cannot prevent cat flu, much like human flu; however it does reduce the severity of signs if infection does occur.

Worming and flea treatment are also really important for your new kitten, so we provide you with your first “kitten” dose of Revolution together with your first box of Revolution Cat which treats your kitten for an additional 3 months.  Regular treatment for life will ensure your kitten doesn’t become burdened by a serious flea, ear mite or roundworm infestation.
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We would like to encourage you to desex your kitten around 6 months of age to prevent unwanted litters and have included a $10 off voucher for desexing at The Vet Centre. 

Microchipping is the best way to permanently identify your new kitten to ensure you are reunited should they become lost. We have included a $10 off microchipping voucher so that a microchip can be implanted at desexing so the procedure is pain free. 

Premium nutrition is another important step to ensuring optimal health for your new kitten.  Included in the package is an IAMS food sample and food vouchers worth $70, a Complete Care Guide for your kitten plus a cute kitten toy.        

Three consultations with a veterinarian, vaccination against serious, often fatal diseases plus cat flu, 4 months flea and worm protection, vouchers to support desexing, microchipping and premium food PLUS a food sample, Complete Care Guide and pet toy. 

Please contact us at The Vet Centre today to find out more about the package and the SAVINGS to YOU! 


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