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Grey Paws is an exciting programme designed to help your senior pet live a longer, healthier life.
Seeing your pet grow old is like watching a family member age. As we grow older, regular health checks are increasingly important. This is also true for our pets. Pets can experience the same aches, pains and health problems associated with ageing in humans. Older dogs and cats are at higher risk for diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease, cancer and other serious conditions.

Many of these health problems are treatable if diagnosed in time but, unfortunately, many pets don’t see their veterinarian as often as they should. Taking your dog or cat to the vet once a year is the same as a person seeing their doctor or dentist once every seven years! You wouldn’t wait seven years to see your doctor for a check-up, so why wait a whole year to have your pet examined by their vet? The greatest percentage of disease occurs in an animal’s later years so regular health checks are essential.

Many age-related health problems develop slowly and the changes may go unnoticed, often until it’s too late. A regular, six-monthly Grey Paws health screening for senior pets allows your vet to detect, treat and hopefully prevent serious health problems before they become life-threatening. The result is that owners and pets have more quality years together.

Older pets have unique and changing medical and nutritional needs. Advances in medicine and nutrition provide a new approach to improving the lives of your senior pets. What you feed your senior pet is one of the most important components of good healthcare. It may mean the difference between a long and healthy life and one that is not.
How do I join Grey Paws?

All you need to do is pick up the phone and make an appointment for your pet's initial Grey Paws examination. The first visit will include a simple questionnaire, a thorough physical examination and a blood test to determine their current health status. And if you bring in a urine sample, we will perform a free urinalysis. What’s more, we will also give you a $10 discount off our regular consultation fee.

Once you join Grey Paws you will receive a Grey Paws membership card, which will entitle you to the following exclusive benefits:
• A Grey Paws booklet, with information on common health conditions in senior pets and Grey Paws check reports, detailing your pet’s overall wellness at each visit, together with recommendations for keeping your pet in the best possible health
• 5% discount off Grey Paws health checks, blood tests, medication and repeat prescriptions
• Discount vouchers including 50% off your first purchase of IAMS and Eukanuba senior and healthy joints dog and cat foods.

Research shows that more than half of pet owners consider their pets as family members and nearly 70 percent think their pet’s healthcare is just as important as their own. If you feel the same, make time now to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

To enrol your pet as a Grey Paws member and receive all these benefits, phone The Vet Centre on 577-9822 and make an appointment for your first Grey Paws examination.

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