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Heart disease is becoming increasingly common as our pets get older. Some breeds have congenital or inherited disorders that lead to early onset heart disease.
Signs of heart disease include reluctance to exercise, premature tiredness when exercising, coughing, breathing difficulties, loss of alertness and fainting.

Early detection of heart disease is important. There are different types of heart disease and it is important to make the correct diagnosis to choose the appropriate treatment. We offer the full range of tools needed to fully assess the heart including:
  • Radiography to determine heart shape, size and blood vessel diameter
  • Echocardiography using ultrasound to assess heart anatomy, function and blood flow
  • Electrocardiography (ECG) to assess heart rhythm abnormalities
  • Blood pressure monitoring

Achieving an ideal body weight and controlled exercise levels can reduce the workload on the heart, often controlling early symptoms. As heart disease symptoms progress, we can introduce medication to help the heart pump more efficiently and control body fluid levels and blood pressure.
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