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Sadly many pets around the world end up being euthanised for behavioural problems. It is far easier to prevent the development of behavioural problems than it is to treat them. Puppy socialisation classes go a long way towards helping avoid behavioural problems in dogs and we recommend you enrol as soon as you take on a new puppy.

Problems such as aggression, barking, separation anxiety, house soiling are all frustrating antisocial problems that can be avoided. House soiling is probably the biggest behavioural issue faced by cat owners and the key to avoiding this is minimising stress in your cats' daily life. We can talk to you about ways to achieve this. We can help with some behavioural problems using anti-anxiety drugs and calming pheromone preparations in conjunction with advice on retraining your pet.

Treating behavioural problems is complex and often time consuming and sometimes it may be more appropriate to refer you to a behavioural specialist such as Dog Almighty.

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