Exporting your Cat or Dog to the UK

What you need to know if exporting your pet to the UK.
The UK PETS Scheme, allowing the entry of pets into the UK from NZ, has certain requirements. These are outlined below. Please read carefully.
The entire process of preparing your pet for transport to the UK will take at least 21 days.
The animal will be required to:
• Be fitted with a microchip
• Be vaccinated against Rabies.
• Have a vet administer treatment against a type of tapeworm
• Be issued with an official MAF export certificate
• Be issued with an animal welfare export certificate
• Receive all other relevant documentation
The first 3 requirements may be completed by The Vet Centre. The final 3 requirements are to be completed by an official MAF government vet.
This is the first job to be done! The pet must be microchipped before the Rabies vaccination is given. 
The microchip must meet ISO (international standards organisation) standards (the microchips used by The Vet Centre do meet this standard). This ensures that the chip will be able to be read when scanned by overseas scanners.
Rabies Vaccination
For vaccination the pet must be over 3 months of age and microchipped.
For export, only a single Rabies vaccination is needed but to keep the Rabies vaccination up to date boosters are needed at 1-3 yearly intervals depending on the brand of vaccine used.
If you are wanting to make an appointment at The Vet Centre, for your pets Rabies vaccination, please allow approximately one week from your phone call, to the appointment, as the vaccine must be ordered in.
Treatment against Tapeworm
Between 24 and 48 hours before travel, the pet must be treated against a certain type of tapeworm (Echinococcus multilocularis). This is done with products such as Drontal Allwormer for worms.
The Vet must administer this treatments and sign paperwork to show that it has been done.
PETS Certification and Animal Welfare Certificate
These must be completed by an official government vet.
Please see the link to the list of official veterinarians on the website listed on the back page of this hand out.
Pet Transporters
These companies can make your life a lot easier when it comes to the official government vet certificates, the hire or buying of crates/cages and many other parts of the process.
Please contact us for further information regarding approved pet transporters based around the country and we can forward a list to you if required.
For official, more in-depth details about your travel please go to the below website:

UK PETS Scheme – MAF website: http://www.biosecurity.govt.nz/exports/animals/uk-pets-scheme.htm

Please contact us if you require further information or if you would like to make an appointment to see one of our vets.