House Training Your Kitten

How do I house train my kitten?
For the first few weeks you will need to provide your kitten with a litter tray for toileting. This should be placed in a quiet but accessible place away from the kittens eating and sleeping area. The litter tray will need cleaning at least daily as kittens will often ignore a soiled tray.
Place your new kitten in the litter tray first thing in the morning, last thing at night and after eating and give encouragement each time they successfully use the litter tray. If you catch your kitten toileting in the wrong place tell them a firm "No" and gently place them into the litter tray. Clean up any accidents with mild detergents that do not contain ammonia as the smell of ammonia can encourage toileting in that area. Soiled areas may be covered with aluminium foil to deter further accidents in that area.

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