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Jess Gibson: Veterinary Nurse Manager
Jess Gibson-121 Jess came to the Vet Centre in 2002 after graduating from Nelson Polytechnic with her Certificate in Veterinary Nursing. Jess has a keen interest in Canine breeding and behaviour and has studied these at a Diploma level in 2007. Jess has completed on-line in wound management and fluid therapy as well as attending vet nursing conferences. Outside of work Jess enjoys showing their Bullmastifs.
Hayley Suurenbroek-Butler: Veterinary Nurse
Hayley (2)-578 Hayley is born and bred in Marlborough. She spent time with us as a student in 2014 whilst completing  
her National Certificate in Veterinary Nursing and we welcomed her as a permanent part of our team in June 2015.
Hayley has a passion for cats and has a clowder of cats at home. Her Golden Retriever Lexi is no longer a puppy 
herself and had a litter of 8 puppies in May 2018. She has kept one of the cuties who she named Nirvana. In her
spare time she loves to spend time with family and all her animals.
Kate Robinson : Veterinary Nurse
IMG 0315-586 Kate was born and bred in Marlborough. She started working for The Vet Centre Marlborough in 2015 after completing her National Certificate in Vet Nursing through the Otago Polytechnic. Kate loves the variety of work and the contact with animals that The Vet Centre offers.
In her spare time Kate enjoys exercising, creating art and spending time with friends and family. She has two cats, a very vocal tabby called Shelby and a beautiful black and white cat called Spaggles.
Kathryn Musgrove: Veterinary Nurse
20170912 114453-771 Kathryn is Marlborough born and spent most of her childhood living up the Awatere Valley. She has a passion for horses and animals. She spent five years overseas as a Polo Groomer before coming home and completing her Vet Nursing Certificate from Otago in 2004. Kathryn has worked locally as a vet nurse before family became the focus. She returned to nursing at The Vet Centre in 2012 and has become a valued part of our Nursing and Reception teams. Kathryn now lives with her family and collection of animals on a lifestyle block.
Shaezarna Riddell : Animal Care Assistant
Shaz-908 Shaezarna is a born and bred Blenheim girl with a keen interest in travel. After spending time as an early childhood carer she has decided to have a change and is now a part of The Vet Centre team. She enjoys looking after all the animals coming through the front door due to a love for all things cute and fluffy.
Barbora Kratochvilova: Part-time Vet Nurse/Receptionist
Barb travelled originally from the Czech Republic, tavelled to New Zealand in 2008 and immediately fell in love with this country. She was always passionate about helping animals so it was just a natural choice to study Vet Nursing with the Otago Polytechnic. Barbora graduated in 2015 and is currently working at The Vet Centre on a casual basis. Barbora and her partner are also known for their house and pet sitting services. If she is not busy looking after other people's pets she loves travelling, yoga and reading.
Sophie Munro: Casual Vet Nurse/Receptionist
20170817 125025(0)-473 Sophie qualified as a Vet Nurse in 2008 and completed her diploma in Vet Nursing in 2011. Sophie worked with us as a vet nurse until 2015, she then had her first baby and now does fill in days for us. 
She lives on a sheep and beef farm with her husband and toddler. In her spare time she enjoys riding her two horses. 

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