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Pet skin-allergies and disorders

Skin diseases and allergies in pets can be very upsetting for both the pet and its owner. Often treatment regimes merely address the symptoms rather than the cause, resulting in a heavy financial and emotional toll on the owner.
Skin_testing_Stuart_Burrough.jpgThe effective treatment of any skin disorder relies upon accurate diagnosis of the underlying causes. And the sooner the diagnosis, the faster and more effective the treatment is likely to be. The cost of an accurate diagnosis is often a fraction of the cost of treating symptomatically. More importantly, it can save years of medication and misery for itchy and unhappy pets.
It is important to understand that skin disorders can be caused by a number of factors which can present more of a problem for some breeds than others. Because skin problems in animals are often very complicated, the ability to accurately diagnose and treat the condition requires many years of education and experience.
Stuart Burrough, who has a particular interest in dermatology, has undertaken continuing education in this specialized field and has completed a one-year distance education programme in dermatology through The University of Sydney. This skill and experience, combined with advanced testing methods and laboratory facilities, means that at The Vet Centre, your pet’s skin problems can be resolved quickly.
The advanced dermatology services available at The Vet Centre include diagnosis and treatment of:
•   Allergies
•   Immune-mediated skin disorders
•   Hormonal skin diseases and hair loss
•   Ear diseases
•   Skin cancers
flea_allergy.jpgFlea-allergy dermatitis (FAD) is the single most common skin condition in pets around the world. A single flea bite can cause intense itching that can drive pets (and their owners) crazy! This can lead to serious skin infections and hair loss and affects both cats and dogs. The Vet Centre staff can create a comprehensive treatment to keep your pets completely flea-free.
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Food allergies in dogs can cause a host of symptoms including hair loss, skin abrasions and recurrent ear infections. Beef, chicken, fish, eggs, or grains can trigger an allergy attack with some breeds being more susceptible to food allergies than others.

Wandering Jew (also known as Wandering Willy or Wandering Dew) can cause particularly nasty skin reactions in dogs. The plant is a ground creeper and is very common in many parts of New Zealand. Dogs can develop red, itchy skin around their paws, legs and under the belly. This can then lead to a secondary infection when the dog scratches and bites the area in an effort to relieve the itching.
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