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The Vet Centre Marlborough is honoured to have clients who value the difference a caring staff can make in the life and health of family pets. Ever since we opened our doors we have had the good fortune to make great friends of both the human and animal kind. It is with great pride that we share the following testimonials with you.

Sid & Eva Llewell- Bunny Haven
We, here at Bunny Haven, have had a relationship with The Vet Centre Marlborough, since 2010 and have found that the staff at the front, the vet nurses and Vets are all extremely helpful and very caring. We have every confidence in all staff at the facility. Service is second to none and the caring carries on after the treatment with phone calls to get updates on the progress of our animals once home.  We feel that we can discuss all aspects of our pet's treatment, and all is explained in a language which we can understand.  Nothing seems to be too much trouble for them. In the past we have had pets that should not have survived and the staff at The Vet Centre has always done a great job for them and they are still with us.  We owe them all a big Thank You. 
From us, they all come Highly Recommended.
Bob & Ria Whitham- Peg
Peg received Stem Cell Treatment 31 March 2014

Q: On a scale of 0-5 (with 0 being no pain & 5 being the most intense pain) how would you rate Peg's pain sore?
A: Before treatment 5 & After treatment 1

Q: On a scale of 0-5 (with 0 being no lameness and 5 complete lameness) how would you rate Peg's lameness score?
A: Before treatment 3 & After treatment 1

Q: Have there been any other noticeable improvements in demeanour, ability to exercise or general quality of life?
A: She wants to go for a walk now, chases the cat, runs around and wants to play with other dogs.  Lot happier in her well being, face, eyes & her coat.

Q: Do you have any other comments?
A: It has been worth it. No drugs anymore. We have got our Peg back again. She is a happy dog. Soft bedding has also helped her joints a lot.
Stuart Burrough- a letter of acknowledgment from NZVA on the Presidential Award award he received from the Australia and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.
Dear Stuart

On behalf of the NZVA (New Zealand Veterinary Assoc.) Board and members I would like to congratulate you on receiving the Presidential Award from the Australia and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.

The board is very aware this award is not given out lightly.  It is highly prestigious and awarded on the merit of the individual's work ethic and passion for their role.  This is an honour richly deserved by you and we wish you all the very best in your future work.

Julie Hood
Chief Executive Officer - NZVA

Persia_1.jpgLinda and Rod, Christchurch

Our dog Persia is a 5 1/2 year old German Shepherd who was crippled with Arthritis.

Pain relief was not an option for her as this upset her stomach and bowel, we were in a vicious circle it upset us having to watch her suffer and have no quality of life spending her days laying around.

We new we would not have her with us for much longer the way she was.

On reading an article about Stem Cell Transplant this gave us some hope.

We contacted Stuart Burroughs and made arrangements to travel to Blenheim from Christchurch.

On the 24th of January 2011 Persia had her Stem Cell Transplant, the results have been amazing, 12 days after the procedure Persia was running and taking an interest in everything around her it was wonderful to watch.

It is now March, Persia is a new dog able to run around and interact in games (dig holes, get into mischief) something she has never been able to do.

Persia is a much happier dog now, more relaxed, calmer and able to enjoy life to the full.

This is a decision we will never regret, we cannot thank enough Stuart and the wonderful caring team at the Vet Centre Marlborough.

We have been given a miracle.

Richard and Karen Barker. Anakiwa
Through this new updated website, we would really like to express our appreciation to the fantastic team at the Marlborough Vet Centre.
Moving to the Sounds from Singapore 5 years ago, with our two dogs Grommit and Bagel, it was one of our first tasks to find a good Veterinary Clinic for the dogs. How very fortunate we were to find through recommendation the Vet Centre. Over the past five years we have been welcomed by the experienced and highly skilled staff each time we have taken our various dogs to the Vet Centre. Sadly our beautiful 3 legged Labrador Bagel had to be euthanised; throughout this time Stuart gave such good and caring advice to us and incredible care to Bagel. All the staff at the Vet Centre are so caring and professional and it really does make such a difference. Grommit our rescue dog from Singapore is such a nervous mutt, but the Vet nurses soon had him won over, most especially the leading nurse Julie. Grommit now enjoys his visits to the Clinic, totally due to the time the nurses and Vets have spent with him.
We have used many of the services on offer at the Vet Centre, including the after hours facility and various diagnostic and surgery procedures. All have been superb, along with the staff, who are not only thoroughly professional, but also always take the time to explain fully all the procedures and options applicable. Our young German Short Haired Pointer, Bunny, suffers from allergic reactions and the process of elimination and detection has been a complicated one. Utmost has always been Bunny's comfort and pain relief. Thanks to the efforts of Stuart and at times Mark and Mary, Bunny is able to live a very happy life.
Apart from offering such a fantastic facility in Marlborough, the Vets, the nurses, and all the other staff make the Vet Centre such a vibrant place to visit.
It would be difficult to express our sincere thanks to the whole team, but we think the photo of Grommit and Bunny show the results of such good care from their friends at the Vet Centre.
We always recommend the Vet Centre as the best in the South Island.

Rosie_and_Mickey_002.jpgDianne Johnson, Stone Farm, Marlborough
As you can see from the photo, the love and kindness that all of our animals here at Stone Farm receive from the dedicated staff at the Vet Centre has translated into Rosie wanting to be a vet nurse as well. She is comforting Mickey the cat when he had both legs in plaster. Thank you team for all of your superb care of all of our animals, we are all so very grateful for all of your advice and assistance.

Gem_Cavanagh.jpgGwenda & Geoff Cavanagh

We have always had a full confidence and assurance that Gem was attended to and treated with complete professionalism and compassion over the years.  Thank you to you all! 
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