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Trish Lipyeat(copy)Trish Lipyeat: BVSc
Trish Lipyeat has now joined us and will be working 2 days a week, usually Wednesday and Thursday, mostly helping with the large animal work. Some of you will have already met Trish who was previously employed in Golden Bay. If you have not already met Trish I’m sure you will enjoy her sense of humour and no nonsense approach to her work.
Retail Assistance Team

Tony Smith: Retail Manager
Tony is a knowledgeable retail manager who has been in the veterinary retail business since 1999.  Originally from South Otago, he has a vast experience of farming practices having been involved with sheep, beef, dairy, fine wool and fat lamb production throughout Otago, Southland and more recently Marlborough.  You will find Tony extremely helpful as he has a clear understanding of your needs, will listen to your requests with a discerning ear, will help you find innovative solutions and works alongside our vets.  Tony is interested in boating, fishing, and golfing outside his role in the veterinary industry.

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